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 Betreff des Beitrags: It is true that the very best content of OSRS
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This poll provides me the OSRS GP vibes which you guys really want to be known for your communicating with your community, and that you're well knowledgeable of the gambling world around you. Neither of these are particularly correct. Jagex"communicates" with their community over a number of other games, but not nearly the most, especially once you don't count surveys which are crampacked full of voting biasing problems, questions that shouldn't be inquired, and (what seems like) intentional misinformation or lack of vital information needed to make an educated decision.

You are very fearful of repeatable quests and OSRS HD which will both be optional which won't affect you at all whatsoever, nor will influence Runescape for you since one is cosmetic and another will not offer rewards? This type of overreaction makes it difficult to take what you're saying seriously. And new skills - those things that a large majority of gamers want, but not quite 75% in any given case - yes, really Jagex are ignoring their whole player-base here. Don't overlook the large number of people who spite vote against pvp updates simply because they don't enjoy the community. Unpolled changes are fine if that's the case.

I agree with about everything you said. It is true that the very best content of OSRS usually come in BOTH Jagex and community helping each other. But we must remember that Jagex by his very own is also capable of great surprise if given the opportunity ( consider the way Twisted League was amazing, and yet we didnt understood much about it before release) I think if all League content has been polled beforehand, it could have been alot different and probably less exctiting and astonishing. And here I thought the entire leveling experience would be shattered with this particular one upgrade.

I agree with everything you mentioned except for you getting your panties on fire for them asking for phone number at the close of the survey. There was no need, whatsoever, to use your RS email, and you could always give a imitation in Runescape game name if this field was required (not sure if it had been ). Extreme reaction for three fields you had on filling out freedom. Employment status is also standard market study. You'd answer a question nowadays for any questionnaire that's trying to be serious about the demographics answering the poll.

I may be in the minority here but I'd really like to see something such as dungoneering added. Found it interesting this came up in the survey but unfortunate it was tied to summoning (yuck). Really appreciated the team facets of exploring/randomness and dungoneering into it. Also needing to produce your own equipment was cool so the wealthiest players didn't necessarily have an advantage going through the skill (nothing against these gamers, only found it was more fun to the skill). OSRS edition of dung may be sailing. So when its repolled yes, it'd be fine for OSRS to get its exclusive skill similar to our exclusive quests.

Yes! That is a good point, I liked rs 2007 gold how the theme changed as you got further to keep it intriguing as it improved. I have not heard much about sailing but id be curious how it would work or if there has been some discussion please link! Looks interesting, I didn't find any mention of groups, ideally if it comes to fruition, which could be inserted either with a crew or even a fleet in the non PvP part. Just bear in mind a good deal of stuff that was suggested because 2015 dev site about drifting eventually came to match, such as fossil island along with the prayers.

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